Weekly Radio Wrap-Up

*Posted by Winston Hottman

Here’s a summary of this past week’s For Christ and Culture radio broadcasts!

Sacramentalism and Evangelicalism ( Friday, June 14)

Barry talks with Dr. Everett Berry about sacramentalism and its current relationship with evangelicalism.

A Conversation with an Evolutionist (Monday, June 17)

Dr. Everett Berry, Criswell theologian, joins us to talk about the relationship between science and the Bible.

What is Religion? (Tuesday, June 18) 

Barry Creamer describes religion using four factors: creed, code, cultus, and community.

Our Story: Polycarp – Part 2 (Wednesday, June 19)

Winston Hottman and Bill Watson take us back through church history to the inspiring story of a church father.

Brain Interrupted (Thursday, June 20)

Dr. David Henderson joins us to discuss the question, “Does multitasking make us dumber?”

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