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The Uniqueness of Criswell College

*Posted by Joe Wooddell This is a picture of Dr. Barry Creamer, Vice President of Academic Affairs, signing the Criswell College Articles of Faith, which is something all faculty, senior administrators, and trustees do annually. Typically, this happens each Fall on “Founder’s … Continue reading

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The Future of Religious Liberty

*The following is a post by Ben Domenech, editor of Houston Baptist University’s The City journal. The piece originally appeared in Domenech’s daily email newsletter The Transom. You can subscribe here. This week should bring two significant Supreme Court decisions on … Continue reading

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What Is an Evangelical? Part 2

*Posted by Everett Berry. This piece originally appeared at All Things New. In my previous post, I covered some of the history of the term evangelical as it was originally understood in the 20th century context of the rift with postwar Fundamentalism. Now moving forward in … Continue reading

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What is an Evangelical? Part 1

*Posted by Everett Berry. This piece originally appeared at All Things New. Before I begin to offer my initial thoughts on this question, a little reminiscing is probably in order.  I was born in Fort Worth, TX and was raised … Continue reading

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Clarifying the Crusades

*Posted by Winston Hottman At Red State, Dan McLaughlin suggests an alternative to the typical way we think about the Crusades. While many think of the wars in terms of Christian imperialism, McLaughlin argues that the Crusades are better conceived as reactions to … Continue reading

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Should Islam Be Considered an “Abrahamic” Religion?: Part 1

*Posted by J. Scott Bridger. Bridger is Assistant Professor of World Christianity and Islamic Studies at Criswell College. In order to answer this question, I need to take you on a backwoods detour through a conversation I recently had with … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill: Some Agnostic, Some Atheist (Part 3)

*Posted by Dr. Jerry A. Johnson *This post is the final in a three-part commentary on Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm, 1940-1965, the last volume in the epic series The Last Lion by William Manchester and Paul Reid. … Continue reading

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