Do You Glorify Self?

*Posted by Winston Hottman

Paul David Tripp suggests that self-glorification will cause us to do several things:

  1. Parade in public what should be kept in private.
  2. Be way too self-referencing.
  3. Talk when we should be quiet.
  4. Be quiet when we should speak.
  5. Care too much about what people think about us.

As Tripp explains, self-glorification can be a subtle problem:

The more you think you’ve arrived and the less you see yourself as daily needing rescuing grace, the more you will tend to be self-referencing and self-congratulating. Because you are attentive to self-glory, you will work to get greater glory even when you aren’t aware that you’re doing it. You will tend to tell personal stories that make you the hero. You will find ways, in public settings, of talking about private acts of faith. Because you think you’re worthy of acclaim, you will seek the acclaim of others by finding ways to present yourself as “godly.”

Check out the rest of his discussion of the five signs here.



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