Pro-Science or Anti-Ethics?

*Posted by Winston Hottman

At The City Online, John Mark Reynolds discusses the ethical nature of the “morning after pill” issue and the limitiations of science in determining what we should do:

Picture taken from are being told by people who should know better that making the “morning after pill” over-the-counter is a “matter of science.” Those of us who oppose this cost cutting and convenient measure must be “anti-science.” If one cannot get a cheap abortion as easily as exfoliant, than science is being assaulted!

This is either ignorance of the Honey Boo Boo watching level or a falsehood told by powerful people who think they will not get caught.

The question, however is this: “Does our culture wish to make abortions cheap, easy, and quick?” This is a moral question and not a matter of science. Science, a very good thing, can tell us what will happen physically if we take an action, but it cannot tell us if we should take an action. Science describes is, but only ethics can tell us ought.

Check out the rest of the post here.

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One Response to Pro-Science or Anti-Ethics?

  1. msliger215 says:

    Trying to escape from a devastating reality is more common sense than you MIGHT think.
    Ever been to Bakersfield?

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