The Story of a Redeemed Lesbian Leftist

*Posted by Brandon Smith

Of course, every Christian should be keenly aware of their own propensity to reject God and choose sin. Our daily walks with the Lord are never easy and are often marked with stumbling. And for those of us who came to know Christ later in life, we have an especially thick memory of past mistakes and God-belittling choices. Because of this, there is a powerful sense of God’s steadfast mercy and kindness.

Christianity Today recently ran a fantastic and heartwarming piece by Rosaria Butterfield, an atheist lesbian professor who received an intriguing letter from a Presbyterian pastor. Through his friendship and time in God’s Word, she began to vividly see this overcoming grace. She writes:

Ken initiated two years of bringing the church to me, a heathen. Oh, I had seen my share of Bible verses on placards at Gay Pride rosaria butterfieldmarches. That Christians who mocked me on Gay Pride Day were happy that I and everyone I loved were going to hell was clear as blue sky. That is not what Ken did. He did not mock. He engaged. So when his letter invited me to get together for dinner, I accepted. My motives at the time were straightforward: Surely this will be good for my research.


I continued reading the Bible, all the while fighting the idea that it was inspired. But the Bible got to be bigger inside me than I. It overflowed into my world. I fought against it with all my might. Then, one Sunday morning, I rose from the bed of my lesbian lover, and an hour later sat in a pew at the Syracuse Reformed Presbyterian Church. Conspicuous with my butch haircut, I reminded myself that I came to meet God, not fit in. The image that came in like waves, of me and everyone I loved suffering in hell, vomited into my consciousness and gripped me in its teeth.

This article will both encourage and convict you. Read the rest here.

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One Response to The Story of a Redeemed Lesbian Leftist

  1. Pat says:

    Quite helpful for talking with our gay friends.

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