A Missiology for the Academy

*Posted by Brandon Smith

bruce ashfordThe academic world has the reputation in some circles of being disconnected from the church or not “practical” enough. And in some ways this critique is fair. But do academics really matter to the Christian life? Over at “Between the Times,” Bruce Ashford of Southeastern Seminary is beginning a series engaging this very topic. Here’s where the conversation is going according to Dr. Ashford:

Over the course of the next two installments, I will argue that they should matter because of (1) the universality of Christ’s Lordship; (2) the powerful influence of the university; (3) the readily receptive mindset of university students; (4) the sinful nature of reverse social snobbery; and (5) the danger of “split-level Christianity.” Finally, (6) I will provide three suggestions for action.

Read the introduction and follow along.

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