Are Baptists Still Relevant?

by Brandon Smith

draperOver at the Baptist Press, Jimmy Draper (serving as Interim President of Criswell College)shares eight reasons whySouthern Baptists are relevantin the 21st century. Heres a snippet:

It does us no good and actually does us harm to dwell on our size, numerical goals and our heritage. We cant live in the past. Our heritage is only as meaningful as its most recent application, meaning that all we have done in reaching the nations for Christ does not guarantee us relevance in the future. Being Great Commission People and People of the Book means daily seeking opportunities to engage the world with the power of the Gospel but in humility and with a heart of service. It is easy for us to point to all that we feel is wrong about the SBC. Yes, there are some things that need to be changed but mostly we need to refocus. Every individual Southern Baptist has the ability to decide whether to be part of the problem or part of the solution. The solution is found in engaging the world with the power of the Gospel in humility and service.

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