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The Engaging Culture of the Mind

by Kirk Spencer Engage and transform are popular words in academic circles. They can take on many meanings. Taken together, they usually imply connecting (engaging) to make a difference (transform). In my opinion, this is not something that can be avoided. If we live together, we will connect and we will make a difference. So the main issuewhether individually or an institutionallyis What kind of transformation are we going to … Continue reading

Criswell College: Engaging Minds. Transforming Culture.

by Dr. Barry Creamer, President & Professor of Humanities, Criswell College Language is incredibly powerful, especially when it is ambiguous. Most of us learn that ambiguity is bad from an early age, but thats because most of the people who influence us confuse it with vagueness. Poets cram expansive meaning into minuscule phrases through ambiguity. So do sloganeers. A little while back key leaders from every part of Criswell College … Continue reading

The Lion’s Den: A Q&A with Criswell College Professors

Four Criswell College professors recently got together for a Lions Den panel where they answered difficult practical or theological questions submitted by students. Topics included prophetic dreams and visions, singleness and marriage, gluttony, and eschatology. The Panel: Dr. Barry Creamer, President and Professor of Humanities Dr. Everett Berry, Professor of Theology and Editor of the Criswell Theological Review Dr. Kevin Warstler, Associate Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament Professor Kirk … Continue reading

Maintaining Good Reading Habits

by Bill Watson Reading well is not easy. Many of us recognize the value of being well-read but few of us really know how to become well-read. Becoming well-read requires that we read books that are not necessarily of immediate interest to us. Many readers, particularly those who are not naturally inclined to reading deep books, focus on low-grade literature that is of dubious value. By low-grade, I mean here … Continue reading

Christianity and the Importance of Philosophy

by Joe Wooddell The Bible says not to be taken captive through philosophy (Col. 2:8). The warning, however, is not against philosophy (or the love of wisdom) in general, but rather to empty, worldly philosophy instead of a philosophy according to Christ. In fact, Paul used not only Scripture on Mars Hill in Acts 17, but philosophy also. He knew about worldly philosophy, as evinced by his familiarity with their … Continue reading

The Undaunted Message of Freedom

by Brandon Smith. This was originally posted at Desiring God. I think, therefore I am. Ren Descartes penned this popular line in his 1637 treatise, Discourse on the Method, and its a good summary of the book itself. Heralding the importance of scientific discoveries and the necessity of doubting ones own view of the world, Descartes work is often considered the first domino to fall in what is now called … Continue reading

Why College?: Higher Education & the Pursuit of More

*Posted by Joe Wooddell As a new school year begins a question worth asking is, Why college? Every year, many students sense that God is guiding them toward higher education. However, whats the purpose? Whats the point of going? My brief answer is this: to accumulate new information, to learn, to grow, and to be challenged, sharpened, and grounded in that which is true, good, and beautiful. The answer is … Continue reading

The Art of Questioning: An Interview with Matthew Lee Anderson

*Posted by Brandon Smith I amthrilled towelcome my friendMatthew Lee Anderson to the blog todayto talk about faith, doubt, and his new book on how to question well, The End of Our Exploring. Matthew is also the author of Earthen Vessels, blogs at the popular Mere-Orthodoxy, and has written for Christianity Today, The City, and The Gospel Coalition. He is a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Instituteand is currently … Continue reading

The Future Kingdom Conference Live-Stream

*Editors Note: Brandon Smith will be live-blogging this event. Thank you for joining in with us! Follow along all day for the quotes and arguments from our Future Kingdom Conference. Use the hashtag #FutureKingdom if youd like to talk about this event on Twitter. These quotes are mostly close paraphrases during a live event, and you are encouraged to listen to the audio that will be posted soon. Refresh your … Continue reading