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Not Just For Show

by Kirk Spencer One of my favorite actors just died. Cant say that I liked any of the characters he played, but I liked his skill at playing them. For you see, he was especially good at playing bad guysthe kinds you love to hate. I especially remember a particular preacher he played. This Man of God had beautiful golden curly hair (of which he was perversely proud) along with … Continue reading

Deaf Choir

by Kirk Spencer My neighbor is deaf and she is one of the sweetest people I know. Ive known her now for almost thirty years. She has lived her life in absolute silence. And I have seen her face other hardships with her particular crooked smile and nodding of acceptance. Ive learned, when speaking, to always face her and exaggerate the movement of my mouth. In her perpetual silence, she … Continue reading

The Beautiful Gospel

*Posted by Winston Hottman They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But is that true? Check out our podcast, Beauty and Excellence,as Criswell Colleges resident philosophers, Drs. Creamer and Wooddell, discuss the objectivity of beauty and how it relates to the gospel.

Borrowed Beauty

*Posted by Kirk Spencer Recently I heard something about the college football championship. It wasnt anything about the game itself, but about one of the players girlfriend. Evidently a football commentator made some shockingly inappropriate and controversial statement about her during the game. He saidon national televisionthat she was pretty. And then he added insult-to-injury by suggesting that her beauty could be attractive to the opposite sex. And heres the … Continue reading

Why Church Architecture Matters

Its not the outside that matters. Its what is on the inside. Right? How important, then, are church buildings? In an article entitled Buildings Matter Because Bodies Matter, Matt Anderson discusses the importance of architecture in the life of the church: However much architecture matters, though, its important to note that the evangelical wariness about church buildings has important biblical grounding. Stephen sums up the position in Acts 7 when … Continue reading

Art in Eight Dimensions

*Posted by Kirk Spencer My granddad loved museums. He always took me to them when I was a kid. A few years before he died, we were together, like old times, wandering through the Baytown Historical Museum. The building itself was something of an artifactthe old post office. I still remember my granddad calling to me from across the main gallery. He had found something important he wanted to show … Continue reading

Our Common Latin Poem

*Posted by Kirk Spencer When I was young (or at least younger) and impetuous (meaning stupid), I agreed to be a part of what we might call a flash mob today. Then it was just a matter of some of my students wanting me to join them in a performance-style interruption of a specially called faculty-meeting. The meeting was organized to discuss renewed interest among some Protestant and Roman Catholic … Continue reading

LAMO: The Forever Always Never Just “Now”

*Posted by Kirk Spencer The via antiqua (ancient way) looked back to Eden and the via moderna (modern way) looks forward to Utopia. To the Ancients, old was goodtested, tried and approved. To the Moderns, old is badout of date, worn out and old-fashioned. In the ancient mind universal absolutes existed in this reality or another, or in God, or the gods. However, in the modern nominal mind, universal absolutes … Continue reading

What is the “Imago Dei?”

*Posted by Andrew Hebert. Originally posted at Then God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of … Continue reading

“Christianos ad Leones”

*Posted by Kirk Spencer Christianos ad Leones br Christians for the Lions! Chant from the crowd at gladiatorial games From time to time, Ive happened upon a haunting imagean oil painting by Jean-Leon Gerome (1883) entitled Christian Martyrs Last Prayer. Maybe youve seen it. It shows a small group of Christians huddled together in prayer, on their knees, in the sand of the coliseum floor with a crowd of spectators … Continue reading