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Reach and Grasp, More or Less: A Quick Thought on Imperfection

*Posted by Barry Creamer Carl Lewis used to be the Usain Bolt of track and field. His sprint speed and long jump distances could embarrass the competition. It seems I remember a story he told back then of his commitment as a youth to the long jumphow he jumped a few feet, maybe 10 or 12; how he then marked off 30 feet as his goal; how far away that … Continue reading

The Olympic Truce and Uncle Zeus

*Posted by Barry Creamer Context: The ancient and modern Olympic Games share not only a crowd pleasing athletic product but also a society shaping message. The key ancient influence on society was religion, of course, and the games were dedicated to Zeus. Today, religion still has a profound influence on every aspect of society by virtue of its ongoing practice and its legacy. But the Olympics are not dedicated to … Continue reading