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Making the Psalms Personal

*Posted by Winston Hottman David Playing the Harp (1611) by Gerrit van Honthorst At HBUs School of Christian Thought blog, Dr. Peter Davids offers some advice on making the Psalms a part of our daily life: C. S. Lewis wrote hisReflections on the Psalms, and he is no exception, since many spiritual writers have done the same. Yet for years I appreciated the Psalms as Hebrew poetry and also appreciated … Continue reading

Don’t Give Up

*Posted by Joe Wooddell I am not sure if the following is encouraging, discouraging, or in a sense both. But it is true: Sometimes no matter how good of an argument we give, no matter how loving, self-sacrificing, and obedient to God we are, and sometimes no matter how much we pray, some people will never turn to Jesus. Do not quit doing these things; we are commanded to do … Continue reading

Reach and Grasp, More or Less: A Quick Thought on Imperfection

*Posted by Barry Creamer Carl Lewis used to be the Usain Bolt of track and field. His sprint speed and long jump distances could embarrass the competition. It seems I remember a story he told back then of his commitment as a youth to the long jumphow he jumped a few feet, maybe 10 or 12; how he then marked off 30 feet as his goal; how far away that … Continue reading

Why the Bible Doesn’t Change Us

Over at the Gospel Coalition,Jen Wilkin considers the reasons why Bible study often leaves us unchanged. Why, with so many study options available, do many professing Christians remain unschooled and unchanged? Scripture teaches clearly that theliving and activeWordmatures us,transforms us,accomplishes what it intends, increases our wisdom, andbears the fruit of right actions. There is no deficit in the ministry of the Word. If our exposure to it fails to result … Continue reading

The Virtue of Humility

Posted by Joe Wooddell Contemporary American culture has become increasingly narcissistic and prideful. Popular music, reality TV shows, and advertising all bear this out. The virtue of humility is neither sought when absent, nor esteemed when observed. In fact, when it is observed it goes largely unrecognized or worse, it is condemned as weak and pathetic. A Christian philosopher, whom I highly regard, once said that next to love, humility … Continue reading

Finding True Success

Posted by Dr. David Henderson. Dr. Henderson blogs regularly at Success and failure. They seem so black and white. So in line with our societys all or nothing mentality. But how do you define success? You cannot acheive something that you dont fully understand. How do wefinally arrive when we dont even know where we are going? I have a secret for you. It is an ancient secret. It … Continue reading

But He Has a Good Heart!

*Posted by Bill Watson. This piece was originally posted at In Christian circles, it is common to hear of a particular person as having a good heart while lacking deep understanding of the Bible. This is often considered an acceptable failing, so long as the person really does have a good heart. There are many problems with this kind of perception. The following is an excerpt from St. Augustines … Continue reading

Conflict Resolution: When you feel attacked

*Posted by Dr. David Henderson; Dr. Henderson regularly blogs at Relationships are full of conflict. If you have managed to avoid it this far in your life, I guarantee you that you have also managed to avoid people. Avoiding conflict is not the answer, although we can certainly try to steer clear of meaningless squabbles and debates. The true sign of a healthy relationship is one that navigates the … Continue reading