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Somewhere Softer and Safer

by Kirk Spencer The other night, I was checking doors before I went to bed. All the doors were locked and the lights were off. I made my way through the dark house, to each bedroom to check on my kids, to stand in the doorway, to walk to their side, stand over them and catch a glimpse of that most peaceful thing in all the worlda childs face in … Continue reading

End of Innocents

*Posted by Kirk Spencer We entertain ourselves with Halloweens faux fear and almost never notice what is truly fearful. For instance, according to my recent issue of National Geographic, when a lion takes over another lions pride it immediately kills the cubs. No matter how cute and cuddly they may be, instinct has taught the victorious lion these cubs will soon become strong and youthful killers themselves. Killing cubs is … Continue reading

The Uniqueness of Criswell College

*Posted by Joe Wooddell This isa picture of Dr. Barry Creamer,Vice President of Academic Affairs, signing the Criswell College Articles of Faith, which is something all faculty, senior administrators, and trustees do annually. Typically, this happens each Fall on Founders Day when the College revisits the vision and principles of its founder, Dr. W. A. Criswell, long-time pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas. Much of academia, the media, and … Continue reading

The Beautifully Ugly Face of Defiance

*Posted by Kirk Spencer Lydia will never be easy till she has exposed herself in some public place or other ~ Jane Austen from Pride and Prejudice After playing wholesome kids in wholesome movies about wholesome lifestyles, child actors suddenly become young adults and they have to find work in a very unwholesome Hollywood. At this point, they often go crazy (or maybe I should say they go sleazy). They … Continue reading

The Art of Questioning: An Interview with Matthew Lee Anderson

*Posted by Brandon Smith I amthrilled towelcome my friendMatthew Lee Anderson to the blog todayto talk about faith, doubt, and his new book on how to question well, The End of Our Exploring. Matthew is also the author of Earthen Vessels, blogs at the popular Mere-Orthodoxy, and has written for Christianity Today, The City, and The Gospel Coalition. He is a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Instituteand is currently … Continue reading


*Posted by Kirk Spencer While sitting on a hill, Jesus once spoke of a city set on a hill (Matt 5). From time to time, American politicians have borrowed this city set on a hill to speak of America and its exceptional example for the world to follow. This was first done by John Winthrop (1630) in his lay sermon entitled A Model of Christian Charity. And while, as the … Continue reading

As Long As We Both Shall Lease

*Posted by Kirk Spencer A while back, I was listening to a talk-radio program and the DJ (or TJ in this case) brought up the topic of co-habitation. While listening, it became clear that there were at least two defining aspects of cohabitation: (1) not-being-married and (2) sleeping-together. This didnt surprise me because the dominant media culture has made it clear that premarital, and extramarital, and postmarital sex is the … Continue reading

Paying for Free Speech

*Posted by Kirk Spencer Free speech isnt free. I am never more conscious of this fact than when I hear these ominous words: We need to talk!? I know that if I am not very careful in how I use my freedom of speech, I will definitely pay for it. In our relationship with the government (or any authority over us) there are very often rewards (appropriations) and punishments (taxations) … Continue reading

Lifting Moloch to Heaven

*Posted by Kirk Spencer I heard something the other day that I have never heard before. I heard this: Thank you Planned Parenthood. God bless you. Maybe people say it all the time and Im just not around to hear it. Or maybe the people who support Planned Parenthood are much less likely to support the idea of God so they are not inclined to solicit His blessings. Or maybe … Continue reading

Roger Ebert, Non-Believers, and The Hope of Christ

* Posted by Brandon Smith Roger Ebert has been a powerhouse journalist for over 40 years. My generation may perhaps know him best as the co-host of the Emmy-nominated movie review show Siskel and Ebert at the Movies or the later version, Ebert and Roeper at the Movies which gave two thumbs up to movies that both critics recommended. He is also a highly acclaimed newspaper columnist, and the first … Continue reading