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Marriage Equality: Too Obvious to Be So Obvious

by Barry Creamer If this issue is so obvious, why were the justices split 5-4, and why are so many people so obviously wrong to everyone who disagrees with them? The answer is simple. The disagreement is rooted in competing worldviews. Christianity is not bound by a worldview, but people, including Christians, are. And worldviews are neither chosen by their adherents nor necessarily consistent, even within an individual. As I … Continue reading

Lowering the Flag and Lifting Up the Savior

by Kirk Spencer Its been an interesting week. The confederate flag[1] was removed across the country and the N-Word was spoken by the president of the country. It reminds us that symbols and words are like living things. They change. Usage and perceptions alters their meaning over time. And so, if a flag comes to represent racism in America, it is time to lower it and put it in a … Continue reading

Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

by Joe Wooddell On January 16, 2015 American Sniper (the movie) was released. It took me a while, but I finally saw it a few weeks ago. Based on the true story of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, the movie chronicles his four tours of duty in Iraq, and basically shows how important a sniper can be to military maneuvers, and how extremely well Kyle accomplished this task. A friend mentioned … Continue reading

In the Lion’s Den: Tough Topics with Everett Berry

After our latest Lions Den Q&A with professors, we asked our resident theologian, Dr. Everett Berry, to discuss the theological implications of the questions raised by our students. When I come to school I always see homeless men and women asking for handouts at street corners. Sometimes I see the same people week after week at the same place. What can I do to help them? How should I respond … Continue reading

The Goober Truth

by Kirk Spencer The goober truth is when a liar tells the truth about lying which causes the truth-telling liar to be exposed as a liar and so he then has to convincingly lie to cover up the fact that he told the truth about lying. I call it goober truth because the truth-telling liar must really believe that those who would believe him are goobers (peanut brains)not only because … Continue reading

Is Using More Energy Immoral?

by Joe Wooddell In Jeffrey Balls interview with Vaclav Smil (Wall Street Journal Business and Environment page, April 9, Looking for a Global Energy Solution? Well, Dont), Mr. Smil rightly maintains that when looking for energy solutions, Its all regional. Its all local. And we just have to descend to that level to judge it. That is, there is no one-size-fits-all, top-down solution from the UN, Washington, Kyoto, or wherever. … Continue reading

Blessed Insurance

by Kirk Spencer Did you hear about the victory lap celebration in the Rose Garden? On April Fools Day of all days. There was much handclapping because 7.1 million people signed up for health insurance. It was a standing O for Obama Care. No one there seemed to notice how foolish it was to celebrate obedience to something that was mandated by lawtax law in fact, that carries the threat … Continue reading

Ownership, Welfare, and Christian Response

by Winston Hottman The concept of private property comes natural to most children. After mama and dada one of the first words we learn to wield is mine (or to be more precise, Mine!!). The sense of ownership develops rather easily. Sharing, on the other hand, is more difficult to learn. Parents typically begin teaching us how to share by going the authoritarian route, i.e. involuntary sharing. The procedure involves … Continue reading

The Deadly Disease of Affluenza

by Kirk Spencer If influenza is a disease of the respiratory system, then affluenza is a disease of the socio-economic system.[1] It begins with bounding ambition which progresses through a series of symptoms, including conspicuous consumption, wasteful spending, excessive debt, and systemic anxiety.[2] In its advanced stages, those afflicted with affluenza exhibit extreme idleness, acute narcissism and a complete loss of sympathy.[3] It is highly contagious and is socially transmitted … Continue reading

Periods and Colons

*Posted by Kirk Spencer No, its not about anatomy. However, it does have something to do with healthcare. Mostly its about punctuationhow a PERIOD became a colon. On June 15th 2009, while selling the Affordable Care Act to the AMA, President Obama said: No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people; If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep … Continue reading