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In the Lion’s Den: Tough Topics with Everett Berry

After our latest Lions Den Q&A with professors, we asked our resident theologian, Dr. Everett Berry, to discuss the theological implications of the questions raised by our students. When I come to school I always see homeless men and women asking for handouts at street corners. Sometimes I see the same people week after week at the same place. What can I do to help them? How should I respond … Continue reading

The Lion’s Den: A Q&A with Criswell College Professors

Four Criswell College professors recently got together for a Lions Den panel where they answered difficult practical or theological questions submitted by students. Topics included prophetic dreams and visions, singleness and marriage, gluttony, and eschatology. The Panel: Dr. Barry Creamer, President and Professor of Humanities Dr. Everett Berry, Professor of Theology and Editor of the Criswell Theological Review Dr. Kevin Warstler, Associate Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament Professor Kirk … Continue reading

Saved from Hell or Sin?

by Josh Crutchfield, Pastor of FBC Trenton, Texas In 1974, Pastor Estus W. Pirkle created a film entitled The Burning Hell. This film was circulated throughout many churches in the U.S. and around the world, with the sole purpose of scaring people out of Hell. In this movie, Pastor Pirkle sought to portray the horrifying realities of Hell so that people would turn to Jesus and be saved from such … Continue reading