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The Purpose of Work

*Posted by Winston Hottman There is a tendency in Christian circles to elevate certain types of vocations or ministries to a higher spiritual status than others. I have spoken with many people (stay at home moms, construction workers, lawyers, etc.) whothink thattheir partiuclar vocations are insignificant in comparison to the vocations of pastors, missionaries and other church leaders. In a post at the Gospel Coalition, Gene Edward Veith comparesAristotle and … Continue reading

The American Hunger Games

*Posted by Winston Hottman If you haventseen Ross Douthats latest column at the NY Times, entitled Washington Versus America,its worth a read. He exposes the alarmingdiscrepancy between Washington D.C.s economic boom and the economiccondition of the rest of the country. Theobvious question is how something like this can happen: Whence comes this wealth? Mostly from Washingtons one major industry: the federal government. Not from direct federal employment, which has risen … Continue reading

On Profit, Risk, and Virtue

*Posted by Joe Wooddell You do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. . . . You ought to say, If the Lord wills, we will . . . engage in business and make a profit (James 4:13-15). When an entrepreneur invests his capital (time, effort, money, equipment, etc.) in producing a good or service, the profit is his reward. He might agree up front to pay laborers … Continue reading

How Bad is the Federal Debt?

*Posted by Winston Hottman Is federal spending really out of control? One way to get a better grip on the problem is to imagine the national governments spending habits at the household level, as in the following video by Debt Limit USA:

“Secular” Vocation as a Calling

*Posted by Joe Wooddell In recent years theres been a movement in Christian theology, philosophy, and ethics, which I find extremely beneficial. It has to do with things like faith, work, economics, the best ways to help the poor, what it means to be a good steward of Gods creation, and viewing ones vocation as a ministry or calling from God. Groups like the Acton Institute, the Kern Family Foundation, … Continue reading

Gun Control and Chicken Sandwiches

*Posted by Winston Hottman Below are two articles worth a look: At the Christian Post, Dr. Russell Moore considers whether gun control is a pro-life issue or not: Many Christians and other pro-lifers support gun control measures, of course, and some support very extensive measures. But the question of gun control is a different question than the issue of gun violence itself. The gun control debate isnt between people who … Continue reading

Gospel Tipping

*Posted by Winston Hottman Over at Baptist Press, Raymond Johnson has found an opportunity for gospel witness in a place you might least expect: tipping. He argues that Christians can either obscure or display the grace of the gospel in their generosity to servers: I have been serving tables at a restaurant for several years in order to support my wife and children and to pay my way through graduate … Continue reading

This is a Wealthy Country

*Posted by Barry Creamer This Is a Wealthy Country I heard this utterance in an interview recently. Ive heard it a thousand times before. No, I didnt count, but Im pretty sure a thousand is the right number. Ive heard the President of the United States use it to justify higher taxes especially on the wealthy. Ive heard a union deputy chief of staff use it to gain consensus that … Continue reading

Free Enterprise, the Welfare State, and the Battle of Ideas

*Posted by Joe Wooddell As of this writing I am in the middle of an interesting and inspiring one-week conference addressing the intersection of issues like religion, economics, freedom, human dignity and flourishing, and the best ways to help the poor. It is with a group called the Acton Institute, named after 19th century historian Lord Acton, who famously maintained, power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The … Continue reading

One “Progressive’s” View of ObamaCare

*Posted by Joe Wooddell According to her website, Sally Kohn makes the world safe for radical ideas. As a veteran community organizer turned political commentator, Sally makes complex political issues accessible for everyday audiences. Sally is a grassroots strategist actively engaged in movement building for equality and justice. She is a Fox News Contributor and has also appeared on CNN and MSNBC. Sally has written for the Washington Post, USA … Continue reading