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Discipleship, Tradition, Community, and Virtue

by Barry Creamer Those who are committed to following Jesus learn over time that one of the most important aspects to their obedience to Him is helping others become better followers. In terms of the New Testament, it is as … Continue reading

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Is Using More Energy Immoral?

by Joe Wooddell In Jeffrey Ball’s interview with Vaclav Smil (Wall Street Journal Business and Environment page, April 9, “Looking for a Global Energy Solution? Well, Don’t”), Mr. Smil rightly maintains that when looking for energy solutions, “It’s all regional. … Continue reading

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Shop Til You Drop: Government Welfare At Its Finest

*Posted by Winston Hottman From National Review Online: On Saturday, Louisiana’s “EBT” system malfunctioned, causing spending limits on users’ food-stamp cards temporarily to be lifted. In two counties at least, recipients noticed the error, spread the word, and set about … Continue reading

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Dumb Justice

*By Kirk Spencer It’s been a strange summer for justice. After being found guilty of releasing a multitude of classified documents, and being sentenced to 35 years in prison, Bradley Manning wants to be a woman. [1] A man kidnaps … Continue reading

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Historic Pro-Life Bill to Come Before Texas Legislature

*Winston Hottman In  a special session called by Governor Rick Perry, the Texas legislature will be voting this week on House Bill 2, an historic piece of legislation that should drastically reduce the number of abortions in the state. Texas … Continue reading

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Abortion on Trial

*Posted by Winston Hottman At First Thoughts, Robert George argues that Kermit Gosnell isn’t the only one on trial in his prosecution. The ultimate defendent is the abortion license in America. The Gosnell episode highlights the irrationality of the regime … Continue reading

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Lifting Moloch to Heaven

*Posted by Kirk Spencer I heard something the other day that I have never heard before.  I heard this: “Thank you Planned Parenthood.  God bless you.” Maybe people say it all the time and I’m just not around to hear … Continue reading

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