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If I Were Pro-Choice

*Posted by Barry Creamer Sometimes people hold positions without knowing why they do so. They also often argue for positions without thinking through their many implications. As a person who has taught bioethics for years in both secular university and Christian settings, I have been forced to think through the things that follow my pro-life position. That process, and my school years as a competitive debater, have taught me never … Continue reading

The Freedom to Ignore Freedom?

*Posted by Everett Berry I remember watching a movie where a tough female character was loading a pistol in preparation for a dangerous mission. With a dismayed look, one of her companions asked if that particular gun would be necessary to which she replied, Id rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Now though I dont usually take advice from a bangem up, … Continue reading

Getting Marriage Right: Why Marriage Is Not a Right.

*Posted by Barry Creamer In promotion of his first book, Yale M.Div. Grad Jonathan Dudley claims that If the goal is legislation that both preserves marriage and reflects the Bibles teaching, it is far easier to argue that divorce should be illegal than it is to condemn gay marriage. Ive heard his point before, and not without cause. But hes posed the relationship between the failure of marriage in the … Continue reading