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Serving the Persecuted Church

*Posted by Winston Hottman In recent months, attention has been drawn to the plight of persecuted Christians in North Korea. According to one estimate, 70,000 of the 200,000 prisoners in North Korea are Christians, and stories of imprisonment, torture, and death continue to emerge from the country which is one of the most hostile to religious freedom in the world. And, of course, North Korea is not unique. Throughout the … Continue reading

Identity Crisis

*Posted by Winston Hottman Driving around town the other day I noticed a bumper sticker with a very simple message: Not a Republican. Ive come across bumper stickers like this before, representing a broad spectrum of viewpoints on various cultural and political issues. In fact, in my younger years I proudly displayed my fair share of similar paraphernalia. While bumper stickers like this one can seem relatively insignificant, I suspect … Continue reading


*Posted by Kirk Spencer I saw something this week that I have never seen before. I saw a quarterback flushed out of the pocket, limping slowly and painfully to gain as many yards as possible before he went out of bounds. Ive seen that before but this is what I hadnt seen: The coach immediately put him back in the game and he continued to play with the limp. I … Continue reading

Audio for “The Sinner’s Prayer & the Public Invitiation”

*Posted by Winston Hottman The audio for the 2012 SBTC Dinner & Dialogue is now available online. The title of this years discussion was The Sinners Prayer and the Public Invitation: An Inquiry by a Calvinist and a Non-Calvinist. The participants were Dr. Barry Creamer, Professor of Humanities and VP of Academic Affairs at Criswell College, and Dr. Tom Nettles, Professor of Historical Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. … Continue reading

Domestic Violence and the Church

*Posted by Winston Hottman At the 9Marks blog, Jonathan Leeman offers some practical advice for how churches should respond to domestic violence: How should a church respond to the case of a husband abusing his wife, or man his daughter? Decisively and quickly. A church should start by helping to remove a woman from a place where she will be harmed. Elders may choose to assist a woman find different … Continue reading

Spontaneous Baptism?

*Posted by Winston Hottman How long should churches wait before they baptize individuals who have professed faith in Jesus Christ? Darrin Patrick, Mark Dever, and Matt Chandler discuss the question:

Future Kingdom Conference Audio

*Posted by Winston Hottman The audio of the Future Kingdom Conference hosted at Criswell College is now available!Listen tothe lectures and Q and A session below. You can also check out Brandon Smiths live-blog of the event here. Don Preston, Preterism Download: 1-Don_Preston-_Preterist_audio.mp3 Wayne House, Traditional Dispensationalism Download: 2-Wayne_House_-_Traditional_Dispensationalist_audio.mp3 Kenneth Gentry, Postmillennialism Download: 3-Kenneth_Gentry_-_Postmillennialist_audio.mp3 Craig Blaising, Progressive Dispensationalism Download: 4-Craig_Blaising_-_Progressive_Dispensationalist_audio.mp3 G. K. Beale, Amillennialism Download: 5-Gregory_Beale_-_Amillennialist_audio.mp3 Craig Blomberg, Historical Premillennialism … Continue reading

Church Planting and the Future of the Local Church

*Guest post by Brandon Smith. Check out more of Brandons blogging at Project TGM. In 2010, I co-planted a church with a few other men in the Wylie, Texas area. As we spent countless hours planning everything from location to bank accounts to the constitution, I was asked several times, Why are you wasting your time planting a church in the Bible Belt? This question was usually followed up with … Continue reading

The Purpose of Work

*Posted by Winston Hottman There is a tendency in Christian circles to elevate certain types of vocations or ministries to a higher spiritual status than others. I have spoken with many people (stay at home moms, construction workers, lawyers, etc.) whothink thattheir partiuclar vocations are insignificant in comparison to the vocations of pastors, missionaries and other church leaders. In a post at the Gospel Coalition, Gene Edward Veith comparesAristotle and … Continue reading

X Marks the Spot

*Posted by Winston Hottman On a road named Broad St. running through the center of Oxford, England, there is a black X that marks the spot. However, this X painted almost unnoticeably in the middle of the road doesnt mark the remains of an ancient buried treasure but of something more precious the deaths of two of Gods saints. It was at this X where on October 16, 1555, during … Continue reading