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Gods and Gays

*Posted by Winston Hottman Below are the videos from a recent debate between one of our contributors, Dr. Barry Creamer, and atheist activist andradio host of Dogma Debate, David Smalley. The debateis divided into two segments. The subject of the firstsegment is the existence of God. The secondsegment deals with the question of same-sex marriage. Its great to see two people from very different worldviews come together and dialogue in … Continue reading

Evil and Free Will in Heaven

*Posted by Barry Creamer I participated in a debate hosted by a secular student organization at Collin Colleges Plano campus recently. The topics selected for the two-part debate were the existence of God and same-sex marriage. In response to one of my statements during the debate, an astute listener named Mandie asked a question worth at least the response I share here. Mandie said: I have a question for Mr. … Continue reading

Blue Books and Imagination

*Posted by Joe Wooddell Currently I am enrolled in a degree plan containing some courses which require, among other things, mid-term or end-of-term essay exams. The idea is to reproduce accurately as much of the course material as possible. There are right and wrong answers. A long, detailed, correct answer receives high marks, while a short, ambiguous, incorrect answer rightly receives low marks. Its as it should be. Test-taking time … Continue reading

Moral Realism and God

*Posted by Barry Creamer The Euthyphro Dilemma raises two horns, either of which leaves most theists dangling uncomfortably below the basis of their complacency. The point here is not to reason all the way through the dilemma, nor even to approach many of its facets, but rather simply to make one observation about one of the horns (the second horn, as presented here). As a question, the dilemma is this: … Continue reading

Some Benefits of Christianity

*Posted by Joe Wooddell Christianity has many benefits for the believer, some of which I shall mention here. First, of course, is peace with God (Rom. 5:1). Its nice not to be an enemy of the most powerful being who has ever existed. Because of this friendship with God believers have assurance of living with Him forever, instead of separated from Him in hell (Jn. 3:16). Second, Christianity opens our … Continue reading

Are There Right and Wrong Answers to Life’s Big Questions?

*Posted by Joe Wooddell The fact that people disagree about something in no way proves theres not a right answer to the question. We could disagree as to whether there is, in fact, a butterfly on top of London Bridge right now, but one of us would be wrong and the other right. We could disagree as to whether 2+2=4, and one of us would be wrong and the other … Continue reading

Gregor the Prodigal

*Posted by Barry Creamer Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis is the saddest piece of literature Ive ever readand one of the most powerful. I did not know when I read it as a young man how beautifully written it is, at least not by acquaintance. In contrast to all the commentators, I thought it unwieldy and philosophically forced. Having recently read it again, I see why it is so highly regarded, … Continue reading

New Things Are Not Just for New Year’s

*Posted by Barry Creamer God reveals in nature that things start over: Winter trees spring to blossom. Buried seeds emerge to life. Dark nights break to dawn. Storms yield to calm. Droughts run to rain. Sleep and wake submit to each other in turn. Through nature, people learn that they can start over: Every millennium, decade, century, year, month, week, day, hour, and minute people re-count. o e.g., 1999 precedes … Continue reading

Do What Makes Sense: Put God First

*Posted by Joe Wooddell I am constantly baffled by the bad decisions people including myself sometimes make. One of the most obvious cases is health and wellness. Recently a friend told me that, while he was walking past the book section at Wal-Mart he heard a (very heavy) mother scold her child, Calm down just a minute! Mommy has to read this book and figure out how to lose weight. … Continue reading

God in a Box

*Posted by Kirk Spencer From time to time, philosophers have built categories, compartments, or boxes to keep the concept of God safe from the skeptics. Confined to His box, God seems tame, a domesticated divinitya philosophical pet. And philosophers dont worship their pets. Recently, particular philosophers are attempting to free God from the box, so to speak, to return God to the wildto Let God be God. They are still … Continue reading