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Marriage Equality: Too Obvious to Be So Obvious

by Barry Creamer If this issue is so obvious, why were the justices split 5-4, and why are so many people so obviously wrong to everyone who disagrees with them? The answer is simple. The disagreement is rooted in competing worldviews. Christianity is not bound by a worldview, but people, including Christians, are. And worldviews are neither chosen by their adherents nor necessarily consistent, even within an individual. As I … Continue reading

The Uniqueness of Criswell College

*Posted by Joe Wooddell This isa picture of Dr. Barry Creamer,Vice President of Academic Affairs, signing the Criswell College Articles of Faith, which is something all faculty, senior administrators, and trustees do annually. Typically, this happens each Fall on Founders Day when the College revisits the vision and principles of its founder, Dr. W. A. Criswell, long-time pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas. Much of academia, the media, and … Continue reading

The Future of Religious Liberty

*The following is a post by Ben Domenech, editor of Houston Baptist Universitys The City journal. The piece originally appeared in Domenechs daily email newsletterThe Transom. You can subscribe here. This week should bring two significant Supreme Court decisions on the matter of same sex marriage, in the cases of Hollingsworth v. Perry (the California Proposition 8 case) and the United States v. Windsor (the DOMA issue). Personally, I think … Continue reading

Clarifying the Crusades

*Posted by Winston Hottman At Red State, Dan McLaughlin suggests an alternative tothe typical way we think about the Crusades.While many think of thewars in terms of Christian imperialism, McLaughlin argues that the Crusades are better conceived as reactions to Muslim imperialism. His explanation rests on two premises: the geopolicital situation in Europe during the Middle Ages and the history of Muslim incursions into Christian territories in the centuries leading … Continue reading

The American Creed?

*Posted by Winston Hottman In his recent inaugural address, President Obama emphasized Americas common creed as articulated in the opening of the Declaration of Independence (We the people). Explicit references to an American creed are helpful in that they dispel the myth of a complete separationof religion and politics. Creeds, whether the creeds of America or the early church or any other community, serve to define a people and articulate … Continue reading

What is America’s Fastest Growing Faith?

*Posted by Winston Hottman The answer may surprise you. According to one study, the Amish faith is the fastest growing in the United States: The American Amish population has boomed during the past few decades. A study released this summer by Ohio State University in Columbus found that the Amish are growing faster than any other faith-based group in the US, with 60 percent of all Amish settlements in the … Continue reading

Liberal Young Evangelicals: Fact or Fiction?

*Posted by Winston Hottman Is the rise of liberalism among young evangelicals a reality or a media-driven myth? Joe Carter and Matt Anderson disagree on the extent of liberalisms popularity among the group. Carter: Since 2007, the media has attempted to present young evangelicals in the Millennial generation (age 18-25) as increasingly liberal on social issues and more likely to vote for Democrats. But a new study by the Public … Continue reading


*Posted by Kirk Spencer I heard that God was booed at the DNC. At first I thought it wasnt true. I thought that the booing was not directed toward God but toward the fact that the term God-Given was being taken out of the Democratic National Platform. And then a kind person set me straight. The leaders in the Democratic Party had already removed the hyphenated word God-given from the … Continue reading