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The SBC Decline: Days of Future Past

by Aaron Meraz In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the X-Men find themselves in a world where mutants are being systematically exterminated. Through the superpower of a mutant who could send ones consciousness back in time, the X-Men are able to pinpoint the time and events that resulted in their dismal future. Although I do not claim any mutant power, this blog will pinpoint the time that Southern Baptists began … Continue reading

Are Baptists Still Relevant?

by Brandon Smith Over at the Baptist Press, Jimmy Draper (serving as Interim President of Criswell College)shares eight reasons whySouthern Baptists are relevantin the 21st century. Heres a snippet: It does us no good and actually does us harm to dwell on our size, numerical goals and our heritage. We cant live in the past. Our heritage is only as meaningful as its most recent application, meaning that all we … Continue reading