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What if G. K. Chesterton Tweeted?

by Kirk Spencer I know there was no Twitter around when G.K. Chesterton was around But if there were, Im sure these tweets would be legit: If there were no God, there would be no atheists[1]#EvolutionaryNotRevolutionaryEnough Progress is Providence without God a theory that everything has always perpetually gone right by accident based on an everlasting coincidence far more miraculous than a miracle[2] #RiddlesOfGodSolutionsOfMan The modern world is a crowd … Continue reading

Media Bias & Public Dialogue

*Posted by Winston Hottman In his latest NY Times column, Ross Douthat has some great thoughts on the mainstream presss power over public dialogue: The trouble is that when you set out to lead a conversation, you often end up deciding where it goes, which side wins the arguments and even who gets to participate. Critics have long warned of the power that media has in forming public opinion under … Continue reading

Facebook and the New Morality

*Posted by Winston Hottman In the video below, Dr. John Mark Reynolds discusses the implications of social media for Christian virtue. I particularly appreciated his discussion of the needfor churches to create safe zones of privacy in which modern individuals feel welcome to be authentic. If you dont have time to watch the full video, the first thirteen minutes covers the actual discussion, which is followed by Q & A … Continue reading

Living in Legoland

*Posted by Kirk Spencer I had this thought while eating an imaginary cookie: Thinkers from Plato to Piaget have philosophized about this tendency in children to pretend, and live, part-way at least, in an imaginary world. After I overly enjoyed my imaginary cookie, I washed it down with a cup of invisible tea all the while looking into the happy eyes of my preschool host. It was clear that the … Continue reading

Sucker Punches, Smokescreens, and the Image of God

*Posted by Daniel Bradley Well, I just got punched in the Facebook! My sense of humor gave way to a loud burst of laughter after I heard the expression. Seconds later, as my snickering settled into somberness, I heard the all-too-familiar tale of character assassination via social media. More than a little disturbing is the reality that rancorous, cancerous wordswhich normally would make both speaker and hearer blush in anger … Continue reading