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Moral Obligation vs. Moral Approval

by Joshua Crutchfield With the firestorm underway in Indiana and much of the United States regarding religious liberty and the outcry of discrimination, I find it necessary to point out the obvious. After watching the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commissions president, Russell Moore, succinctly present the logical reasons for such unfortunately necessary bills that protect our religious liberty, it became quite apparent that the Christian community has been demonized as … Continue reading

In the Lion’s Den: Tough Topics with Everett Berry

After our latest Lions Den Q&A with professors, we asked our resident theologian, Dr. Everett Berry, to discuss the theological implications of the questions raised by our students. When I come to school I always see homeless men and women asking for handouts at street corners. Sometimes I see the same people week after week at the same place. What can I do to help them? How should I respond … Continue reading

Divine Singularity

by Kirk Spencer It was an amazing thing holding something so fresh from heaven, only a few hours after her arrivalmy first grandbabyAberdeen Alexandra. It was very different from holding my first childthe one who handed her to me, now all grown up. And, when I saw the fear on his face, I understood why holding this baby was different: With grandbabies you dont bear the overwhelming primary responsibility of … Continue reading

ENT Theology

by Kirk Spencer I recently found myself sitting at the kids table. Other than me, the ages ranged from 5 to 9. If you ever sat at the kids table, you will know if was all quite silly. However when the conversation wandered into theology, things began to get interesting. Did you know that we evolved from boogers sneezed from the nose of God and that Adam was the first … Continue reading

Sovereignty and Submission: Mary and the Christmas Story

by Joe Wooddell The Christmas season is upon us, and there is so much we can learn from the various Scriptures that speak about the subject. In Luke 1:26-38 Gods power and Marys submission are clearly seen: Nothing will be impossible with God, and Behold the bondslave of the Lord; be it done to me according to your word (vv.37-38, NASB). As the season flies by us, let us not … Continue reading

The Lion’s Den: A Q&A with Criswell College Professors

Four Criswell College professors recently got together for a Lions Den panel where they answered difficult practical or theological questions submitted by students. Topics included prophetic dreams and visions, singleness and marriage, gluttony, and eschatology. The Panel: Dr. Barry Creamer, President and Professor of Humanities Dr. Everett Berry, Professor of Theology and Editor of the Criswell Theological Review Dr. Kevin Warstler, Associate Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament Professor Kirk … Continue reading

Endowed by Our CR

by Kirk Spencer Ben Affleck said that we are endowed by our CR He was attempting to quote that famous line from the Declaration of Independencethat we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Ben only barely got the first two letters of creator, then quickly recovered and continued with our forefathers So we are now endowed by our forefathers with certain unalienable rights. He may be right. … Continue reading

Alpha Dogs and Dumbbells

by Kirk Spencer Dumbbells At my gym, there is a long racks of dumbbells; all sizes of dumbbells, from tiny ones, that barely fit into your hand at one end to Godzilla size at the other end. One day, when no one was around, I went to the Godzilla end of the rack and grabbed the largest dumbbell in the room (the largest dumbbell I had ever seen). It was … Continue reading

What if G. K. Chesterton Tweeted?

by Kirk Spencer I know there was no Twitter around when G.K. Chesterton was around But if there were, Im sure these tweets would be legit: If there were no God, there would be no atheists[1]#EvolutionaryNotRevolutionaryEnough Progress is Providence without God a theory that everything has always perpetually gone right by accident based on an everlasting coincidence far more miraculous than a miracle[2] #RiddlesOfGodSolutionsOfMan The modern world is a crowd … Continue reading

The Undaunted Message of Freedom

by Brandon Smith. This was originally posted at Desiring God. I think, therefore I am. Ren Descartes penned this popular line in his 1637 treatise, Discourse on the Method, and its a good summary of the book itself. Heralding the importance of scientific discoveries and the necessity of doubting ones own view of the world, Descartes work is often considered the first domino to fall in what is now called … Continue reading