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As Long As We Both Shall Lease

*Posted by Kirk Spencer A while back, I was listening to a talk-radio program and the DJ (or TJ in this case) brought up the topic of co-habitation. While listening, it became clear that there were at least two defining aspects of cohabitation: (1) not-being-married and (2) sleeping-together. This didnt surprise me because the dominant media culture has made it clear that premarital, and extramarital, and postmarital sex is the … Continue reading

Just Goliaths

*Posted by Kirk Spencer While brushing my teeth and half-listening to the radio, I heard a woman pronouncing hard-to-pronounce scientific names. I could tell she had done this many times. They were the names of the serious illnesses her baby girl had developed. As I was getting dressed, I heard the mom say that it was a common sight to see EMS workers in her home. In my busy inattention, … Continue reading

The Gospel and the (Im)perfect Marriage

*Posted by Winston Hottman **This piece orginally appeared at the Councilon Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. According to Merriam-Webster, perfectionism can be defined as follows: A disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable; especially the setting of unrealistically demanding goals accompanied by a disposition to regard failure to achieve them as unacceptable and a sign of personal worthlessness. Despite the need for a little more nuancing, this description serves … Continue reading

Abortion on Trial

*Posted by Winston Hottman At First Thoughts, Robert George argues that Kermit Gosnell isnt the only one on trial in his prosecution. The ultimate defendent is the abortion license in America. The Gosnell episode highlights the irrationality of the regime of law put into place by the Supreme Court in 1973 and fiercely protected by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the polticians they and other pro-choice advocacy groups help send to … Continue reading

Weekly Radio Wrap-Up

*Posted by Winston Hottman Heres a summary of this weeks For Christ and Culture radio broadcasts. I encourage you to take a listen! Punishment in a Christian view of justice? Part 2 (Friday, May 3) We finish the discussion about punishment and a Christian worldview with examples from Genesis to Revelation. Download: fcac-2013_05_03.mp3 The Message of Job: Part 1 (Monday, May 6) Barry begins a quick survey of the book … Continue reading

Lifting Moloch to Heaven

*Posted by Kirk Spencer I heard something the other day that I have never heard before. I heard this: Thank you Planned Parenthood. God bless you. Maybe people say it all the time and Im just not around to hear it. Or maybe the people who support Planned Parenthood are much less likely to support the idea of God so they are not inclined to solicit His blessings. Or maybe … Continue reading

Did Adam & Eve Actually Exist?

*Posted by Winston Hottman The most recent edition of the Criswell Theological Review is devoted to this question. With contributions from five scholars, the journal considers the historicity of Adam and Eve and fleshes out the implications of affirming or denying this traditional Christian belief. It promises to be a great read: As we will see in this compilation of articles, there are numerous issues that are contributing to this … Continue reading

Jason Collins, Chris Broussard, and Homosexuality: How Do We Respond?

*By Brandon Smith. This piece originally appeared at a Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood blog. A few weeks ago, NBA player Jason Collinsstepped forward and admitted to being gay, making him the first athlete in professional sports history to come out while still an active player. He also claims to be a Christian despite his choice to engage in such a lifestyle. Chris Broussard, an NBA analyst for ESPN … Continue reading

Borrowed Beauty

*Posted by Kirk Spencer Recently I heard something about the college football championship. It wasnt anything about the game itself, but about one of the players girlfriend. Evidently a football commentator made some shockingly inappropriate and controversial statement about her during the game. He saidon national televisionthat she was pretty. And then he added insult-to-injury by suggesting that her beauty could be attractive to the opposite sex. And heres the … Continue reading

Why aren’t we calling it the “royal fetus’?

*Guest post Dr. Denny Burk. Dr. Burk serves as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College in Louisville, KY. This piece originally appeared on his blog, Denny Burk. As you have probably already heard, Kate Middleton is pregnant. Her offspring will be third in line for the English throne. The media have been abuzz with the news. In fact, I would say that they have been downright obsessive about … Continue reading