Did Adam & Eve Actually Exist?

*Posted by Winston Hottman

The most recent edition of the Criswell Theological Review is devoted to this question. With contributions from five scholars, the journal considers the historicity of Adam and Eve and fleshes out the implications of affirming or denying this traditional Christian belief. It promises to be a great read:

APainting by Jon Gossaerts we will see in this compilation of articles, there are numerous issues that are contributing to this theological impasse. Some of those matters include the hermeneutical complexities related to interpreting the Genesis creation account; whether scientific and biblical claims can be complimentary or not; how we should identify the textual derivation of Genesis 1-3 in light of comparative studies with various ancient Near Eastern creation myths; and most recently, whether the idea of humanity being traced back to one parental couple is compatible with current discoveries in genetic research. All in all then, we have put this volume together so our readers can see how this discussion is developing within Christian academics.

Be sure to check out the CTR and order your own copy here.

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