Exciting Updates at For Christ and Culture!

updateFor nearly two years, this blog has had the absolute privilege of providing our readers and radioaudiencewith Christ-centered thoughts on God and the culture around us. It has been our great joytoserveyou in this way!As 2013 approached, we began talking about ways to improve this ministry in a way thatwe mightevenbetter serve Christ and culture. After much thought and prayer, here are some exciting announcements:

  • Subscriptions are now more versatile and accessible, making it easier to get our latest content. You can now subscribe via email, Google Reader, and other readers.
  • Winston Hottman, longtime Editor, has been named Executive Editor. His role will stay much the same, but will have more direct day-to-day oversight of the blogs team and vision.
  • Brandon Smith hasjoined the blogas Contributing Editor.A seasoned and respected blogger, Brandon will contribute articles, handle social media initiatives, and help Winston in miscellaneous editing duties as needed.
  • We are ramping up our social media presence by regularly posting on Facebook and Twitter. You can keep up withthe blogthere, and you can follow Criswell College andsome of our team on Twitter by clicking Follow on the right sidebar below their pictures!

Please join us in continuing to clearly proclaim Christs name in a culture full of clutter!

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