Making the Psalms Personal

*Posted by Winston Hottman

David Playing the Harp

David Playing the Harp (1611) by Gerrit van Honthorst

At HBUs School of Christian Thought blog, Dr. Peter Davids offers some advice on making the Psalms a part of our daily life:

C. S. Lewis wrote hisReflections on the Psalms, and he is no exception, since many spiritual writers have done the same. Yet for years I appreciated the Psalms as Hebrew poetry and also appreciated what they could tell me about the theology of the royal court of Judah as well as post-exilic theology (since some of the Psalms are among the last parts of the canonical Hebrew Scriptures written), but I did not appreciate them personally. I am not a Judean king, I do not worship before a burnt offering in the First or Second Temples, and I do not think that anyone is out to kill me. So how could these songs speak to me? Then everything changed.

Check out the rest of the post here, where Davids describes the way he came to appreciate the Psalms personally.

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