Manger Mercy Seat

*Posted by Kirk Spencer

Manger Mercy Seat

If Einstein is right, all of Nature bows before the light. Time and space and matter all change in deference to this one mystery that exists in hypostatic union as both waves and particles. It moves into eternity and infinity as fast as any message can be communicated. Death and darkness cannot lay hold of the Light of Heaven that became the Light of the Worldthe first light that shined out of darkness, the pillars of light that led Gods chosen people through the wilderness, the light that once covered mountains and settled upon the tabernacle and dwelt below angels wings and above the solid gold Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenantthe light of the Star of Bethlehem, the Light of Heaven returned to rest upon the Christ Child. And His name is called Immanuel which means God with us. Gods dwelling presence, the Shekinah (dwelling), showed God was still with us. No matter how dark and cold the winter gets, it makes the Christmas lights shine brighter. Darkness cannot lay hold of the light because light moves always toward the future at the fastest speed, leaving all darkness (absence of light) behind, until, eventually all will be light.

Manger Mercy Seat

was night until
light from heaven fell
as pillared fire and cloud spilled
flowing below golden cherub wings
nesting above the manger Mercy Seat
where Gods mercy was first made flesh
there where Immanuel first dwelt with us
and shekinah beckoned once again the wise
as into clay hearts Gods treasure shined
for deepening darkness cannot lay hold
darkness the LifeLight cannot enfold
till darkness is finally washed away
along with the Deeps dark face
along with all shadowing suns
when heaven has come
to earth to shine
and all is

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