Shop Til You Drop: Government Welfare At Its Finest

*Posted by Winston Hottman

From National Review Online:

On Saturday, Louisianas EBT system malfunctioned, causing spending limits on users food-stamp cards temporarily to be lifted. In two counties at least, recipients noticed the error, spread the word, and set about trying to check out as much as they could fit into shopping carts. At Walmarts in the towns of Springhill and Mansfield, employees called corporate headquarters to ask what they should do. They were instructed to keep the registers ringing. This they did and with a vengeance.

By the time that proper limits on the cards had been restored a couple of hours later, the shelves had been all but stripped bare. Just about everything is gone, Ive never seen it in that condition, Anthony Fuller, a customer in Mansfield,told the press. Will Lyn, the chief of police in nearby Springhill, agreed,tellingtheDaily Mailthat it was definitely worse than Black Friday. It was worse than anything we had ever seen in this town. There was no food left on any of the shelves, and no meat left. The grocery part of Walmart was totally decimated. One man even managed to spend $700.

I saw people drag out eight to ten grocery carts, Lynd reported. Those who did not manage to take advantage in time simply abandoned their hauls in the middle of the aisles.

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