Some Benefits of Christianity

*Posted by Joe Wooddell

Christianity has many benefits for the believer, some of which I shall mention here. First, of course, is peace with God (Rom. 5:1). Its nice not to be an enemy of the most powerful being who has ever existed. Because of this friendship with God believers have assurance of living with Him forever, instead of separated from Him in hell (Jn. 3:16).

Second, Christianity opens our eyes to the meaning and purpose of life. One of the recurring questions of the ages is why am I here? Christianity says our purpose is to love God and neighbor (Mt. 22:35-40). This involves many things, and can be worked out in many ways. Our entire life has the potential to glorify God, including our study, work, play, and relationships (1 Cor. 10:31; Col. 3:23).

Third, Christianity gives good answers to all of lifes ultimate questions. Who am I? A rational creature, a little lower than the angels, made in the image of God. Why am I here? To love Him and my neighbor, and to honor Him in all I do. How did the universe originate? God spoke it into existence. How will it all end? Under His divine authority and goodness.

A recurring question for philosophers is the problem of the one and the many. Christianity has a ready response: it is both, beginning with God: God is both one and many; He is a Trinity; three persons, one nature. (I dont expect an unbeliever to be able to make any sense of this, but thats not my goal here.) And everything else is both one and many: the universe itself is one (one big thing) and many (comprising many smaller things); trees are one (any given tree) and many (all of its parts); individual humans are one (a single person) and many (body and mind; or body, soul, spirit; or if one is inclined toward immaterialism, both mind and multiple aspects of that mind).

Other ultimate questions include: Do truth, goodness, and beauty exist? Yes. How can we know them? Both by studying Gods Word and His nature, and simply by reflecting on reality with the rational powers He has given us. How can we know anything? Because God has made us in a certain way, fitted and designed for life in this environment; we are, more or less, functioning properly, especially after being regenerated by His Holy Spirit. Why do bad things happen to good people? Wrong question; rather, why do good things happen to any people, all of whom are bad? Answer: because God is gracious, loving, and kind. Why do bad things happen to people? Both because of angelic and human freedom, and because God is a God of justice; He is holy, and He cannot abide sin.

Then how can anyone come to Him? Answer: through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As the God-Man, born of a virgin, Jesus neither sinned nor was tainted with original sin, so His death counted as a perfect, infinite sacrifice for all of humanitys guilt and offenses before God. He was buried, raised three days later, and appeared to hundreds over a period of forty days. He ascended back to the Father, sent the Holy Spirit, established His Church, and will come again in power and glory to right all wrongs and establish His direct rule over all things. If we trust in His sacrifice for sin and commit our lives to Him as Lord, then we are saved (Rom. 10:9). Thats how we come to Him, not by running around hoping our good deed outweigh the bad.

What now? Enjoy it, share it with others, defend it, speak truth but be kind, devise ways to improve life here and now, have a heart for the poor and suffering as well as for the rich and miserable, love family, get involved in a local church, pray without ceasing, confess and repent of sin, read, study, and learn as much as possible, then give it all away every day.

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