“Strange Fire” Polemics

At his blog,All Things New, Dr. Everett Berry discusses the recentStrange Fireconference, hosted by John MacArthur, and the reasons it has proved controversial :

Its one thing to say that one may have certain defective ideas in their theology or that one disagrees with anothers interpretation of specific passages of Scripture.Thats just life until Jesus comes back.Yet to be perceived as if you are questioning another persons identityas a Christian because of ones beliefs about spiritual gifts becomes a highly messy endeavor because of the ubiquity of continuationist theology in so many Christian traditions and the fact that many men and women of God who are open to continuationist thought have been used mightily by God throughout the history of the church (and yes today as well).In the end then, I think this is one reason this conference kindled such a stir.

Be sure to check out parts one and two of the discussion at Berrys blog, as well as the first of two discussions with Dr. Creamer at For Christ and Culture On the Air.

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