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Where Are the Young People?

At the Gospel Coalition blog, David Wright shares some thoughts on youth ministry and the need to integrate youth fully into the life of the local church: Everything was set in an intergenerational context amid other forms of diversity, too. … Continue reading

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Identity Crisis

*Posted by Winston Hottman Driving around town the other day I noticed a bumper sticker with a very simple message: “Not a Republican.” I’ve come across bumper stickers like this before, representing a broad spectrum of viewpoints on various cultural … Continue reading

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Real Discipleship

*Posted by Andrew Hebert

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A Tense Observation about Church in a Free Market Society

*Posted by Barry Creamer I’ve thought for years about whether it would be a good idea to remove “non-profit” or “not-for-profit” from the American church’s galaxy of essential attributes. A church with a “for-profit” status would still exist intentionally for … Continue reading

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Why Church Architecture Matters

It’s not the outside that matters. It’s what is on the inside. Right? How important, then, are church buildings? In an article entitled Buildings Matter Because Bodies Matter, Matt Anderson discusses the importance of architecture in the life of the … Continue reading

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Theology and Culture (7): Vocation

*Posted by Bruce Ashford. For part six of this series, click here.   The notion of vocation (calling) is significant to any discussion of theology and culture because all of a Christian’s vocations are at the intersection of theology and culture. In … Continue reading

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Can Seminary and the Local Church be Friends?

*Posted by Everett Berry I have heard pastors, laymen, or other church leaders say that “if you attend a cemetery… I mean seminary…, you might graduate but at the expense of any real fervor for the Lord.” Now unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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