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The Gun Fight (Part 2): Re-Actions

After the mass-media has fully exploited a mass-shooting, the echo chambers are quiet and the rhetoric is packed away until the next “opportunity.”   All the while, acts of mass-violence prevented by legal gun carriers—in law enforcement, in public venues and … Continue reading

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The Gun Fight (Part 1): Actions

*Posted by Kirk Spencer It seems that immediately after a mass shooting there’s a gun fight—not a literal fight with guns but a fight over guns.  When there is a literal gun fight during the shooting (which does happen) there … Continue reading

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Gun Spree Zone

*Posted by Kirk Spencer “I am a worm and not a man.” Psalm 22:6 When I was in prison, I met some bad people who had done bad things; as a matter of fact, “doing bad things” was their chosen … Continue reading

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Gun Control and Chicken Sandwiches

*Posted by Winston Hottman Below are two articles worth a look: At the Christian Post, Dr. Russell Moore considers whether gun control is a pro-life issue or not: Many Christians and other pro-lifers support gun control measures, of course, and … Continue reading

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