US Christian Universities Cut Tuition Fees to Make Education More Affordable

US Christian Universities Cut Tuition Fees to Make Education More Affordable

Gordon College in Wennami, MA, declared a 33% cut in tuition fees, following two other members of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities who have also changed tuition fees recently to make private Christian education more affordable.

We write about this with reference to Christian News Headlines.

This sharp decline was implemented partially by a charity event that helped to collect more than $70 million. It also stems from the verdict to escape the usual “accounting model” whereby higher tuition fees for colleges allow them to provide monetary assistance through investments and grant scholarships.

Transparent pricing and affordability were also key motivations for Seattle Pacific University, the Wesleyan School in Seattle, which on September 22 announced a twenty five percent cut in tuition fees, along with a four percent cap on future tuition hikes.

“The discernment of our top price was becoming a bigger and bigger obstacle,” said Nate Muttet, vice president of management and marketing.

Muttet said Seattle Pacific University has settled on a modest price change that would allow universities to cut down the initial price barrier, as well as offer large educational bursaries and various scholarships.

“Many students exclude a paid Christian college because they don’t understand how they can afford it,” Muttet said. “But all students should be able to afford at least a small, private Christian university.” It’s known that many students even had to apply for payday loans Atlanta Georgia to afford the university. These are short-term loans that can be used for whatever purpose, including education expenses. Processing is very fast – within minutes of being accepted for a loan, the money lands in a person’s bank account. Payday loans are available to individuals with bad or poor credit.

Mullen of Hugton College noted that boldly cutting tuition fees isn’t 100% the best step for every institution. Much depends on the demographics of the students as well as the college’s competitors. However, Mullen said the initial reaction to Hugton’s decision was positive. The quantity of applications in the college is growing, and site traffic is increasing by 200-300 percent.

“I think many people now see private Christian education as a luxury,” Mullen added. “Hugton’s mission was initially to enable students who otherwise would not have received a good Christian education.”

The cut will take effect in the autumn 2021, bringing tuition fees down to $25,250 at Gordon College and its annual “fixed price” including tuition, room, board and all-inclusive fees from $50,650 to $37,950. According to the 2019 CCCU Survey, Non-Denominational Christian College is one of eleven Council for Christian Colleges & Universities schools to ever change tuition fees.

The college also intends to maintain scholarships despite lower tuition fees:

“We are doing something new, significantly lowering tuition fees, but still keeping virtually all of our scholarships,” the college said.

Hugton College in New York State took a different approach. On September 25, the Wesley Church-sponsored college advertised a 53% reduction in tuition fees, with tuition reduced by $15,900 in 2021.

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