Weekly Radio Wrap-Up

*Posted by Winston Hottman

Heres a summary of this weeks For Christ and Culture radio broadcasts. I encourage you to take a listen!

mike-tested-old-radio-mikePunishment in a Christian view of justice? Part 2 (Friday, May 3)

We finish the discussion about punishment and a Christian worldview with examples from Genesis to Revelation.

The Message of Job: Part 1 (Monday, May 6)

Barry begins a quick survey of the book of Job, and talks about a lesson his friends had to learn that we should learn as well.

Christianity and Capitalism Part 5 (Tuesday, May 7)

Joe Wooddell joins us to answer the question: Hasnt Christianity always been opposed to capitalism?

Musics Impact (Wednesday, May 8)

Barry talks with Scott Shiffer about the interaction between culture and music and how we can listen for messages rather than only hearing the music.

Responses to Tragedy: Part 1 (Thursday, May 9)

Dr. David Henderson talks with David Griffin, Pastor of Community Life Church, about ministering to people who are facing tragedy.

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