What Difference Does It Make?

*Posted by Kirk Spencer

What Difference Does It MakeAfter an angry mob of terrorists (or film critics) killed four Americans in Libya and after the body of a U.S. ambassador was dragged through the streets (to get him to the hospital), after months of news coverage (and news avoidance) about the accuracy (and even intelligence) of certain government intelligence, and after a resignation, a sickness, a head injury and having millions of dollars of campaign debts suddenly paid (by a caring benefactor), the Secretary of State appeared before congress to answer some questions. And it was all we have come to expecta show of show boating and grand standing and tempers flaring. And now after the end of the inquisition and after the end of all the hyperbolic praise for our rock-star diplomat as one of the finest Secretary of States weve hadafter all of thisthere is something that Saint Hillary hath spoken ex cathedra from the Holy (Capital) Hill that has broken through the harangue of party politics and has touched the frustrations of our all-too-human condition In the throes of indignation she spoke these words: What Difference Does It Make? (WDDIM?)

It is a powerful inquisition that ended the Inquisition. It is such a useful question. It can cover a multitude of sins. In it we can hide our inadequacies and incompetencies and any variety of ignorances. It works so well because the question itself calls to mind our inadequacies and ignorances. For, in this life we really do not know all the differences our decisions make. Maybe that is why God saves the judgment until the very end, because it is only then that we know all the differences our life will make. Until then God graciously keeps the differences from us and invites those who thirst to be good and true and wise to follow His Word and the control of His Spirit, living in the steps of Jesus while trusting God will make the difference and provide the increase.

Maybe in heaven we will see the differences our decisions make and I suspect there will be joy for what faithful and true decisions hath wrought. And there will be tears for the differences that our faithless lies have made. But these words are faithful and true: When God Himself dwells among us, He will wipe away every tear from our eyes and make all things new.

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