Why Jesus Doesn’t Promise Us an ‘Afterlife’

In an article entitled A Purpose-Driven Cosmos: Why Jesus Doesnt Promise Us an Afterlife, Dr. Russell Moore explains why the Gospel is no pie-in-the-sky message.

If the kingdom is what Jesus says it is, then what matters isnt just what we neatly classify as spiritual things. The natural world around us isnt just a temporary environment, but part of our future inheritance in Christ. Our jobspreaching the gospel, loading docks, picking avocados, writing legislation, or herding goatsarent accidental. The things we do in churchpassing offering plates, cuddling crack-addicted babies, or fixing the pop in the sound systemarent random. God is teaching us, as he taught our Lord, to learn in little things how to be in charge of great things (Matt. 25:14-23).

Jesus shows us the goal of the futureof our lives individually and congregationally, and of the galaxies and solar systems around us. We tend either to ignore the future, because we are so consumed in the drama of the here and now, or to see it as simply a continuation of our present lives, with our loved ones there and sickness and death gone. But in Jesus we see a future that has continuity and discontinuity. In his resurrected life, Jesus has gone before us as a pioneer of the new creation.

You can read the rest of this great piece here.

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