Future Kingdom: Perspectives on the Millennial Reign of Christ

Listen to the lectures and Q and A from the Future Kingdom Conference sessions below. You can also check out Brandon Smiths live-blog of the event here.

Don Preston, Preterism

Wayne House, Traditional Dispensationalism

Kenneth Gentry, Postmillennialism

Craig Blaising, Progressive Dispensationalism

G. K. Beale, Amillennialism

Craig Blomberg, Historical Premillennialism

Q and A Panel Discussion

From Scroll to Scripture: Celebrating the King James Bible at 400

Dr. Harold Rawlings, Trialby Fire: The Struggle to Get the BibleInto English

Dr. Charles Ryrie, Oddities in the King James Bible

Dr. Ron Huggins, The Art of the King James Bible

Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, 400 Years of KJV Influence on Your Culture, Literature, and Language

Dr. Kirby M. Hill, The Preface to the 1611 King James Version

Dr. Peter Flint, The Adventure of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dr. Ron Huggins, In Defense of the Textual Criticism and Improved Translations of the Bible

Dr. Peter Flint, The KingJames Bible in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls

2011 Criswell Theological Lectures

Criswell Lectures

The 2011 Criswell Theological Lectures were delivered by Dr. Andreas Kostenberger, Senior Research Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The subject of Dr. Kostenbergers lectures was the hermeneutical triad method, a three-dimensional approach to biblical interpretation.

Lecture 1, Dr. Andreas Kostenberger

Lecture 2, Dr. Andreas Kostenberger

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