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Future Kingdom: Perspectives on the Millennial Reign of Christ Listen to the lectures and Q and A from the Future Kingdom Conference sessions below. You can also check out Brandon Smiths live-blog of the event here. Don Preston, Preterism Wayne House, Traditional Dispensationalism Kenneth Gentry, Postmillennialism Craig Blaising, Progressive Dispensationalism G. K. Beale, Amillennialism Craig Blomberg, Historical Premillennialism Q and A Panel Discussion … Continue reading

Books & Articles

Books authored by or contributed to by Criswell professors: Heaven On Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God In the Here and Now Heaven On Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God In the Here and Now is popularly written and aimed at an audience of informed laypeople, theological students, and pastors. In it, I present the Kingdom of God as the grand narrative of the Bible (from Genesis 1 to Revelation … Continue reading

Regular Contributors

Everett Berry Dr. Berry, Professor of Theology, has been on faculty at Criswell College since 2004.He completedhis Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Southern Seminary and pastored a church in Kentucky for five years.Heand his wife Tabitha havetwo children, Elaina and Brian. Dr. Berrys areas of interest include Patristics, theological method, Christology, and Eschatology. Follow him on Twitter: @berry_everett. Barry Creamer Dr. Creamer is President and Professor of Humanities at Criswell … Continue reading

Guest Contributors

These friends of Criswell College have been kind enough to contribute to this blog: -David Henderson, MD Board-certified psychiatrist Department Chair of Counseling and Psychology at Criswell College Blogger atPurpose Beyond Pain -Bruce Ashford Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Southeastern Baptist Seminary Fellow for the Bush Center for Faith and Culture Blogger at Between the Times -Owen Strachan Assistant Professorof Christian Theology and Church History at Boyce College … Continue reading

Book Reviews

Winston Churchill: Some Agnostic, Some Atheist (Part 1) *Posted by Dr. Jerry A. Johnson *This post is the first part of an extended commentary on Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm, 1940-1965 , the last volume in the epic series The Last Lion by William Manchester and Paul Reid. You can read the second and third posts here and here. Was Winston Churchill a humanist with a godless ethic, … Continue reading

Marriage Equality: Too Obvious to Be So Obvious

by Barry Creamer If this issue is so obvious, why were the justices split 5-4, and why are so many people so obviously wrong to everyone who disagrees with them? The answer is simple. The disagreement is rooted in competing worldviews. Christianity is not bound by a worldview, but people, including Christians, are. And worldviews are neither chosen by their adherents nor necessarily consistent, even within an individual. As I … Continue reading

Lowering the Flag and Lifting Up the Savior

by Kirk Spencer Its been an interesting week. The confederate flag[1] was removed across the country and the N-Word was spoken by the president of the country. It reminds us that symbols and words are like living things. They change. Usage and perceptions alters their meaning over time. And so, if a flag comes to represent racism in America, it is time to lower it and put it in a … Continue reading