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Criswell College: Engaging Minds. Transforming Culture.

by Dr. Barry Creamer, President & Professor of Humanities, Criswell College Language is incredibly powerful, especially when it is ambiguous. Most of us learn that ambiguity is bad from an early age, but thats because most of the people who influence us confuse it with vagueness. Poets cram expansive meaning into minuscule phrases through ambiguity. So do sloganeers. A little while back key leaders from every part of Criswell College … Continue reading

New Resources

*Posted by Winston Hottman Be sure to check out the new resources that we have uploaded to the blog! There is now a book reviews page where you can access all of our reviews easily in one place. There is also a resources section featuring books, articles, blogs, sermons, and conference and debate audio from Criswell College professors and other scholars and speakers featured at the school. Check back regularly … Continue reading

Exciting Updates at For Christ and Culture!

For nearly two years, this blog has had the absolute privilege of providing our readers and radioaudiencewith Christ-centered thoughts on God and the culture around us. It has been our great joytoserveyou in this way!As 2013 approached, we began talking about ways to improve this ministry in a way thatwe mightevenbetter serve Christ and culture. After much thought and prayer, here are some exciting announcements: Subscriptions are now more versatile … Continue reading

Announcing Dr. Barry Creamer as new Vice President of Academic Affairs

Criswell College recently elected Dr. Barry Creamer, host of theFor Christ andCultureradio show, to the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs. The following is a press release announcing this exciting development: Dallas, Texas, December 2, 2011 The Board of Trustees of Criswell College, meeting on Friday, December 2, has elected Dr. Barry Creamer, currently Professor of Humanities at Criswell College and Dean of Distance Education, as the new Vice … Continue reading