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Seasons (Part 2): Sol Invictus

by Kirk Spencer Sol Invictus (ἔρως) I shine like the sun alone Invincible the soul unconquerably cold While all below me drones In insect wings and summer heat I reach down with the willows00 To touch the watertop and seed … Continue reading

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Discipleship, Tradition, Community, and Virtue

by Barry Creamer Those who are committed to following Jesus learn over time that one of the most important aspects to their obedience to Him is helping others become better followers. In terms of the New Testament, it is as … Continue reading

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52,000 Immigrant Children and the Call to Love Outsiders

Over at the ERLC, our new president, Barry Creamer, joins Brandon Smith in discussing the U.S. immigration problem and the way in which Scripture addresses our attitudes toward it. Here’s a snippet: As Christians, we simply need to be more like … Continue reading

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Christianity and the Importance of Philosophy

by Joe Wooddell The Bible says not to be taken captive through philosophy (Col. 2:8). The warning, however, is not against philosophy (or the love of wisdom) in general, but rather to empty, worldly philosophy instead of a philosophy “according … Continue reading

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Pitfalls of Spiritual Maturity

by Joshua Crutchfield One of the great thrills of newborns is watching them grow. But I do not just mean in size, chubby cheeks, or diapers. I mean, it is exciting to see your child grow cognitively, learning that things … Continue reading

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The SBC Decline: Days of Future Past

by Aaron Meraz In “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” the X-Men find themselves in a world where mutants are being systematically exterminated. Through the superpower of a mutant who could send one’s consciousness back in time, the X-Men are able … Continue reading

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The Desolation of Cultural Smog

by Kirk Spencer I recently heard a preaching talking about how Christians must “breathe” the cultural smog. It is true that the mass media has created a smutty atmosphere as of late, however, for some reason, the metaphor made me think … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Task of Expository Preaching

by Michael Cooper Since the inception of the Church on the day of Pentecost, the “sermon” has been a central part to the worship experience. The history of the sermon is quite intriguing. The communication of ancient wisdom and tradition … Continue reading

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Seasons (Part 1): Primavera

by Kirk Spencer Primavera (στοργή) Within the warm heart of earth Bulbs revive and ferns unfurl Where roots grow deep And leaf to reach Promises warm in their wooden beds Which wake as little leaf-fingers unfolding hope

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Spiritual Cardiology

by Joshua Crutchfield I believe that my wife and I have such a unique story that even Nicholas Sparks would want to buy the rights for his next best seller. You see, we have been close friends for nearly sixteen … Continue reading

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