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Maintaining Good Reading Habits

by Bill Watson Reading well is not easy. Many of us recognize the value of being well-read but few of us really know how to become well-read. Becoming well-read requires that we read books that are not necessarily of immediate … Continue reading

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Crying Moral Wolf

by Barry Creamer Those of us who believe in objectivity, truth, knowledge, (not to mention follow Jesus) hold that there is a fence between right and wrong, and that the fence doesn’t move. So it’s easy to understand why we … Continue reading

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This Chivalry Thing

by Kirk Spencer Whoopi said “You have to teach women, do not live with this idea that men have this chivalry thing still with them… Don’t assume that’s still in place. So don’t be surprised if you hit a man, … Continue reading

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Book Club with Dr. Barry Creamer

Criswell College is excited to announce an opportunity to join a book club with our own President and Professor of Humanities, Dr. Barry Creamer, from October 6 to November 17, 2014!

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The Supremacy of Voluntary Community

by Barry Creamer Every person experiences a tension between the desire to be an individual and to be part of a community—to act freely on immediate desires on the one hand, and to belong securely to a well-defined group on … Continue reading

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The Deep

by Kirk Spencer I was multi-tasking in my backyard—digging and listening to the radio and thinking about my Bible study. I was thinking about the darkness on the deep and the Spirit of God there hovering; about how the ancients … Continue reading

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Seasons (Part 2): Sol Invictus

by Kirk Spencer Sol Invictus (ἔρως) I shine like the sun alone Invincible the soul unconquerably cold While all below me drones In insect wings and summer heat I reach down with the willows00 To touch the watertop and seed … Continue reading

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