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Our Common Latin Poem

*Posted by Kirk Spencer When I was young (or at least younger) and impetuous (meaning stupid), I agreed to be a part of what we might call a flash mob today. Then it was just a matter of some of my students wanting me to join them in a performance-style interruption of a specially called faculty-meeting. The meeting was organized to discuss renewed interest among some Protestant and Roman Catholic … Continue reading

LAMO: The Forever Always Never Just “Now”

*Posted by Kirk Spencer The via antiqua (ancient way) looked back to Eden and the via moderna (modern way) looks forward to Utopia. To the Ancients, old was goodtested, tried and approved. To the Moderns, old is badout of date, worn out and old-fashioned. In the ancient mind universal absolutes existed in this reality or another, or in God, or the gods. However, in the modern nominal mind, universal absolutes … Continue reading

Wallace and Ehrman Debate: On Probability

*Posted by Barry Creamer CSNTM (the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts) recently hosted a debate between Bart Ehrman and Daniel Wallace on whether the text of the New Testament is trustworthy. Both are world class scholars in textual criticism. Both studied as believers at Wheaton and have served and been ordained in the ministry [Creamer edit: Oops. Actually, Wallace attended Biola.] . While Wallace has maintained his … Continue reading

Brownies for Dinner: Silly or Catastrophic?

*Posted by Joe Wooddell In 1978 Edward Saids book Orientalism shocked the world of Middle Eastern Studies. In this book he basically claimed that the West or the Occident held a view of the East or the Orient that was racist, bigoted, paternalist, imperialist, oppressive, and any number of other horrible views. In this book he was operating from perspectives some have called post-structural, post-modern, or post-colonial, and in all … Continue reading