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The Dangerous Task of Expository Preaching

by Michael Cooper Since the inception of the Church on the day of Pentecost, the sermon has been a central part to the worship experience. The history of the sermon is quite intriguing. The communication of ancient wisdom and tradition passed down and delivered into the hearts and minds of the congregation is the task of the preacher. The preachers responsibility is to proclaim the faith that was once for … Continue reading

From Surviving to Thriving

By Winston Hottman What can you do to fight poverty in your community? In a recent article Jennifer Marshall, director of domestic policy at the Heritage Foundation, explains how the gospel creates the framework for a holistic approach to addressing the problem, an approach that looks beyond handouts to full human flourishing: Truly effective compassion means striving for human flourishing and seeking the conditions that make it possible. The good … Continue reading

“Strange Fire” Polemics

At his blog,All Things New, Dr. Everett Berry discusses the recentStrange Fireconference, hosted by John MacArthur, and the reasons it has proved controversial : Its one thing to say that one may have certain defective ideas in their theology or that one disagrees with anothers interpretation of specific passages of Scripture.Thats just life until Jesus comes back.Yet to be perceived as if you are questioning another persons identityas a Christian … Continue reading

Book Review: The Insanity of God

*Guest post by Josh Crutchfield, Pastor of FBC Trenton, TX. You can follow Josh on Twitter. This past summer I received a pre-release of The Insanity of God at the SBCs annual meeting in Houston. I will be honest; I did not plan on reading the book. It was the title that caused my disinterest. But though I am still not crazy about the title, I am extremely grateful that … Continue reading

Should Christians Be Involved In Politics?

Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, explains the need for political engagement and how to go about it in the right manner: I dont think we need a pullback from politics. I think we need a reenergizing of politics. This means we must do more than simply live off the fumes of the last generations activism. Millennial and post-Millennial Christians are walking away from the political … Continue reading

Why We Love the Local Church: Eulogy Written for a Country Churchyard

*At Criswell College, we love the local church. In this first FCC Summer Blog Series, we would like to highlight a few of our professors as they explain why this is the case. **Todays post is by Kirk Spencer, Assistant Professor of Science and History. Poetry, Texas I would like to share two experiences which renewed my appreciation for the local church and its necessity (and indestructibility). The first occurred … Continue reading

Why We Love the Local Church: Paradise in a Parking Garage

*At Criswell College, we love the local church. In this first FCC Summer Blog Series, we would like to highlight a few of our professors as they explain why this is the case. **Todays post is by Christopher Graham, Assistant Professor of Theology. Spiritual I love my local church; it keeps me from getting too spiritual. This, I realize, is a scandalous claim in the American evangelical community where the … Continue reading

The Art of Questioning: An Interview with Matthew Lee Anderson

*Posted by Brandon Smith I amthrilled towelcome my friendMatthew Lee Anderson to the blog todayto talk about faith, doubt, and his new book on how to question well, The End of Our Exploring. Matthew is also the author of Earthen Vessels, blogs at the popular Mere-Orthodoxy, and has written for Christianity Today, The City, and The Gospel Coalition. He is a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Instituteand is currently … Continue reading

Homosexuality and Heterosexual Sin

*Posted by Winston Hottman Jerry Walls, Professor in Philosophy at Houston Baptist University, explains what is necessary for Christians to challenge homosexual behavior with integrity: So here is the main point at which I am driving. Christians have no chance whatever of challenging homosexual behavior with integrity unless they start with the sexual sins of heterosexuals. We cannot take a morally credible stand against the sexual sins of the small … Continue reading

Vision vs. Tradition: Leading a Church through Change

*Guest post by Joshua Crutchfield. Joshua is a husband, father, and the pastor of Trenton FBC. You can follow him on twitter. My wife is an extremely creative and resourceful person. She can dress a room with a pair of socks, duct tape, and three spoons and make the room look extravagant. This type of genius does not come without disadvantage. For instance, one month, my wife rearranged and decorated … Continue reading