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Life (Without God) is Precarious

by Joe Wooddell Recently, a cold snap engulfed the United States and reminded me how delicate our prosperity really is. One cold, icy night can cause tree branches to take down power lines, pipes in our homes to burst, roads to become hazardous, and crops to fail (in turn driving up food prices). Preppers and planners tell us that grocery stores begin running out after three days with no trucks … Continue reading

Did Adam & Eve Actually Exist?

*Posted by Winston Hottman The most recent edition of the Criswell Theological Review is devoted to this question. With contributions from five scholars, the journal considers the historicity of Adam and Eve and fleshes out the implications of affirming or denying this traditional Christian belief. It promises to be a great read: As we will see in this compilation of articles, there are numerous issues that are contributing to this … Continue reading

Science-Fiction and Eco-Ethics

*Guest post by Dr. Benjamin Phillips. Science-fiction makes for some wonderful stories. From the works of Azimov to Verne, to the Star Wars saga, the creativity of future-oriented authors and movie-makers grips our imagination with visions of what might one day be. But, when such musings are synthesized into serious ethical proposals, then someone has lost sight of the difference between fact and fiction. Just such a cross-dimensional collision could … Continue reading

A Review of “The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA”

*Posted by David Henderson, MD As a Christian and a psychiatrist, I am always interested in the interplay between nature and nurture and how much of each influences our thoughts, our emotions and our behaviors. The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA demonstrates that the answer is not as simple as we might imagine. Its in our genes has been the rallying cry of many scientists who would like to … Continue reading

Political Science Requires More Than Science

*Posted by Joe Wooddell Political science was born in the last hundred years or so. Prior to its birth, politics was both normative (i.e. prescriptive, having to do with what should be the case) and philosophical (i.e. logically dealing with the nature of reality and knowledge). It was, in effect, political philosophy. With the rise of movements like Logical Positivism and Behavioralism in the twentieth century it became merely an … Continue reading

Nothing but Gaps

*Posted by Barry Creamer There is an oddity in theistic argumentation known as the God of the Gaps. Its not odd because of what it claims, but because of its origin and a significant twist regarding its implications. What it claims: God of the Gaps is a term describing what is taken to be a common theistic fallacy. That is, theists commonly argue for the existence of God based on … Continue reading