Learning Theology from Julia Child

*Posted by Winston Hottman

At his blog, Pseudoretrogracity, Professor Christopher Graham draws an analogy between the task of theology and the culinary prowess of Julia Child.

And so, What makes a great theologian?The answer, I think , is amazingly close to Juliasverbal and modelled answer: technical, love of the topic, generous personality, winsome, engaging, inviting, thrilling, fallible, delicious, inventive. And though not seen in this video, she was willing todemonstratethat along with success comesburned sauces and bad combinations.Julia emobodiessensual stability (in contrast to the sensationalentertainer (pseudo)-chefson todays highly-editedcooking shows).Im still working on the theological equivalent to hot chocolate truffles.

(BTW: b/c imin the process of preparing for the new semester andicant help but notethe analogyb/w JCs instruction on working w/dough and mycalling as a professor.Id include the words, but if you dont see it in context, you could get the wrong impression. It is scatteredthroughout the video andbegins w/as long as the dough is relaxed its ready to roll early in the video and then includes afewmore instructions around 2:30. Just rememberthe end result is delicious.)

Check out the rest of the piece (including a strangely mesmerizing auto-tuned video collage) here.

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