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Marriage and Arranged Love

*Posted by Barry Creamer Worldwide, more than half of marriages are arranged. Some people automatically assume the practice to be a violation of human rightssomething of a barbaric throwback to the cave where the terms swinging and the club were joined together directly rather than with the word at. The good side of arranged marriages is that the divorce rate is extremely low and self-reported happiness (in broad strokes) is … Continue reading

Liberal Young Evangelicals: Fact or Fiction?

*Posted by Winston Hottman Is the rise of liberalism among young evangelicals a reality or a media-driven myth? Joe Carter and Matt Anderson disagree on the extent of liberalisms popularity among the group. Carter: Since 2007, the media has attempted to present young evangelicals in the Millennial generation (age 18-25) as increasingly liberal on social issues and more likely to vote for Democrats. But a new study by the Public … Continue reading

A Restatement of Criswell College’s Views on the Millennium

*Posted by Barry Creamer There is an article on the internet implying that Criswell College is attempting to poison the well of preterism among evangelicals by inviting a full preterist to the Criswell Theological Lectures on eschatology. Criswell has always encouraged familiarity with all views while defending the right one. In this case, we invited not only three distinct premillennialists (a classical dispensationalist, a progressive dispensationalist, and a historic premillennialist), … Continue reading


*Posted by Kirk Spencer Why not? I put my faith in him. We all did. I thought he was gonna be different than all the other jokers, but this guy, he cant even define the word is.What happens if they give him one of the hard words, like truth? Spoken by William Hayes In the movie Definitely Maybe 2008 In the Summer of 2004, I watched the young senator from … Continue reading

Was the Early Church Pro-Life?

*Posted by Winston Hottman Citing various testimonies of church fathers, Charles Pope argues that the early churchs teaching against abortion is clear. His list of quotations ranges primarily from the 2nd through the 4th centuries. In doing research for an Our Sunday Visitor column (my regular Q and A column), I found it necessary to comb through some of the early Church sources regarding the teaching against abortion. I thought … Continue reading

Jesus vs. Religion?

In a Christianity Today article, Chuck Colson and Timothy George address Jefferson Bethkes viral YouTube video, Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus. Of course, few churches live up to Christs vision for his bride. Why should we expect otherwise? After all, we dont. Yes, the local church is usually buffeted by struggles, beset by detractors, peopled by sinners, and in countless other ways, just plain annoying. Its also the … Continue reading

Finding True Success

Posted by Dr. David Henderson. Dr. Henderson blogs regularly at Success and failure. They seem so black and white. So in line with our societys all or nothing mentality. But how do you define success? You cannot acheive something that you dont fully understand. How do wefinally arrive when we dont even know where we are going? I have a secret for you. It is an ancient secret. It … Continue reading