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Crying Moral Wolf

by Barry Creamer Those of us who believe in objectivity, truth, knowledge, (not to mention follow Jesus) hold that there is a fence between right and wrong, and that the fence doesnt move. So its easy to understand why we defend the idea that everything is black and white. Of course, the color metaphor simply makes the point that there is a stark difference between right and wrong, and that … Continue reading

This Chivalry Thing

by Kirk Spencer Whoopi said You have to teach women, do not live with this idea that men have this chivalry thing still with them Dont assume thats still in place. So dont be surprised if you hit a man, and he hits you back! You hit somebody. They hit you back. Dont be surprised.[1] The chivalry thing, of which Whoopi speaks, is a Christian thing. It is the marriage … Continue reading

The Desolation of Cultural Smog

by Kirk Spencer I recently heard a preaching talkingabout how Christians must breathe the cultural smog. It is true that the mass media has created a smutty atmosphere as of late, however, for some reason, the metaphor made me think of the fire-breathing dragon in the movie The Desolation of Smaug. His heart (or belly) glows with fire before it spews forth from his mouth. And this imagery made me … Continue reading

Blessed Insurance

by Kirk Spencer Did you hear about the victory lap celebration in the Rose Garden? On April Fools Day of all days. There was much handclapping because 7.1 million people signed up for health insurance. It was a standing O for Obama Care. No one there seemed to notice how foolish it was to celebrate obedience to something that was mandated by lawtax law in fact, that carries the threat … Continue reading

Judas Kiss

by Kirk Spencer Mary then took a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped His feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. But Judas Iscariot, one of His disciples, who was intending to betray Him, said, Why was this perfume not sold for three hundred denarii and given to poor people? Now he … Continue reading

The War on Poverty and Income Inequality: Between Downtown and the Dump

by Kirk Spencer In the summer of 2001, I visited the Philippines. My first day in Manila was spent with the children that roam the streets and tin shanties, along the banks of muddy drainage channels. Their faces were dirty and their hair streaked red-blond from vitamin deficiencies. Though they were very poor, they were friendly and playful. They gathered round me asking questions, wanting to know about me, wanting … Continue reading

What Does Coke Mean by “America is Beautiful”?

by Joe Wooddell I dont know about you, but I was surprised to see Seattle pull out such an amazing win. Congratulations to them. The commercials during the Super Bowl are always interesting, and this year was no different. (The Tim Tebow ones were pretty funny this year.) But what does Coke mean by America is Beautiful? Coke did a commercial that started off great a cowboy out in the … Continue reading

What if G. K. Chesterton Tweeted?

by Kirk Spencer I know there was no Twitter around when G.K. Chesterton was around But if there were, Im sure these tweets would be legit: If there were no God, there would be no atheists[1]#EvolutionaryNotRevolutionaryEnough Progress is Providence without God a theory that everything has always perpetually gone right by accident based on an everlasting coincidence far more miraculous than a miracle[2] #RiddlesOfGodSolutionsOfMan The modern world is a crowd … Continue reading

The Deadly Disease of Affluenza

by Kirk Spencer If influenza is a disease of the respiratory system, then affluenza is a disease of the socio-economic system.[1] It begins with bounding ambition which progresses through a series of symptoms, including conspicuous consumption, wasteful spending, excessive debt, and systemic anxiety.[2] In its advanced stages, those afflicted with affluenza exhibit extreme idleness, acute narcissism and a complete loss of sympathy.[3] It is highly contagious and is socially transmitted … Continue reading

Saved from Hell or Sin?

by Josh Crutchfield, Pastor of FBC Trenton, Texas In 1974, Pastor Estus W. Pirkle created a film entitled The Burning Hell. This film was circulated throughout many churches in the U.S. and around the world, with the sole purpose of scaring people out of Hell. In this movie, Pastor Pirkle sought to portray the horrifying realities of Hell so that people would turn to Jesus and be saved from such … Continue reading