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Marriage Equality: Too Obvious to Be So Obvious

by Barry Creamer If this issue is so obvious, why were the justices split 5-4, and why are so many people so obviously wrong to everyone who disagrees with them? The answer is simple. The disagreement is rooted in competing worldviews. Christianity is not bound by a worldview, but people, including Christians, are. And worldviews are neither chosen by their adherents nor necessarily consistent, even within an individual. As I … Continue reading

Lowering the Flag and Lifting Up the Savior

by Kirk Spencer Its been an interesting week. The confederate flag[1] was removed across the country and the N-Word was spoken by the president of the country. It reminds us that symbols and words are like living things. They change. Usage and perceptions alters their meaning over time. And so, if a flag comes to represent racism in America, it is time to lower it and put it in a … Continue reading

“King” LeBron James Playing the Victim

by Joe Wooddell After Game 3 of the NBA finals (Cleveland over Golden State 96-91), it finally dawned on me why I so dislike some of what LeBron James does. Whats not to like? 40 points in the game, 41% field goal percentage, 33% from three-point range, 83% at free throws, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, and 4 steals. Possibly he is the greatest basketball player ever. So whats the problem … Continue reading

The Power behind the Anti-Bullying Fad

by Barry Creamer Anti-bullying is such a common and popular theme for the moment that I dont think its a stretch to call it a fad. Dont get me wrong. Not all fads are badat least not for whatever may give them their original traction. But there is a weakness in fads not too far removed from the weakness of the Old Testament law: us. In the case of fads, … Continue reading

Bees Won’t Sting YA

by Kirk Spencer This Easter morning, as was his custom, our president read Where the Wild Things Are. He reads this famous 60s picture book to a group of children on the White House lawn. Im not sure what Wild Things have to do with Easter, however, if we were there, we could hear him read[1] these words: And now let the wild rumpus start! Then our president led the … Continue reading

Moral Obligation vs. Moral Approval

by Joshua Crutchfield With the firestorm underway in Indiana and much of the United States regarding religious liberty and the outcry of discrimination, I find it necessary to point out the obvious. After watching the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commissions president, Russell Moore, succinctly present the logical reasons for such unfortunately necessary bills that protect our religious liberty, it became quite apparent that the Christian community has been demonized as … Continue reading

In the Lion’s Den: Tough Topics with Everett Berry

After our latest Lions Den Q&A with professors, we asked our resident theologian, Dr. Everett Berry, to discuss the theological implications of the questions raised by our students. When I come to school I always see homeless men and women asking for handouts at street corners. Sometimes I see the same people week after week at the same place. What can I do to help them? How should I respond … Continue reading

The Engaging Culture of the Mind

by Kirk Spencer Engage and transform are popular words in academic circles. They can take on many meanings. Taken together, they usually imply connecting (engaging) to make a difference (transform). In my opinion, this is not something that can be avoided. If we live together, we will connect and we will make a difference. So the main issuewhether individually or an institutionallyis What kind of transformation are we going to … Continue reading

The Goober Truth

by Kirk Spencer The goober truth is when a liar tells the truth about lying which causes the truth-telling liar to be exposed as a liar and so he then has to convincingly lie to cover up the fact that he told the truth about lying. I call it goober truth because the truth-telling liar must really believe that those who would believe him are goobers (peanut brains)not only because … Continue reading

Endowed by Our CR

by Kirk Spencer Ben Affleck said that we are endowed by our CR He was attempting to quote that famous line from the Declaration of Independencethat we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Ben only barely got the first two letters of creator, then quickly recovered and continued with our forefathers So we are now endowed by our forefathers with certain unalienable rights. He may be right. … Continue reading